This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Atsushi Hamano

The Fulford hallways will be a little quieter next year when Atsushi leaves Fulford Academy, taking his musical talents with him. An accomplished pianist and master of many instruments, he has been a prominent figure at the school and in the community where he has often been seen entertaining the crowds.  

His best memories of school are hanging out with friends, participating in volunteer activities and attending weekend trips. Since first arriving to study in Canada in 2016 he has visited Canada’s Wonderland six times and especially enjoyed the canoeing trips at Fulford. Atsushi would like to be remembered as a very good pianist and a friend to all students.

His next step is attending Charles University in the Czech Republic where he will begin the path to becoming a medical doctor. Did you know Atsushi loves watching YouTube videos, with a special fondness for Urban Legend?

We will miss you, Atsushi, but your beautiful music will always sound throughout Fulford Academy.

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Atsushi Hamano
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