This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Gloria Zhang, China

Gloria Zhang

Gloria will always remember her time at Fulford Academy as a special and unique experience. She arrived on campus in February 2017 for an ESL term and stayed on to complete grades 10, 11 and 12 plus a summer program in 2018.

A gifted artist, Gloria will pursue a career in Animation, beginning with the Art Fundamentals program in September at Sheridan College, considered one of the best animation schools in the world. She has a busy summer ahead at home, with plans to spend time in the country, travel to Korea or Japan, and participate in a 1-month Summer Art School before returning to Canada. Looking back,

Gloria’s favourite Fulford memories include the summer and outdoor trips which gave her opportunities to have conversations and make friends outside of the classroom. She thanks her very supportive parents, saying they are the best parents!

Her Fulford classmates may be surprised to know she plays the piano and completed her 10th level in primary school. Gloria acknowledges she is a person who has a hard time making a decision, so her future plans may change. For now, however, she believes that Sheridan College is the best path for her to use her talents although this may not be forever.  

We wish you well, Gloria, and know that your artistic imprint will forever remain on the walls of Fulford Academy!

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Gloria Zhang, China
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