This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Jack Li, China

Jack Li

When she first learned she would be completing grade 12 at Fulford Academy, Lorna was very nervous about leaving home for the first time and coming to Canada. During her year at Fulford she made new friends and became more comfortable and less shy.

She will especially remember her wonderful teachers who always answered her questions and gave her lots of help and support. She enjoyed all the volunteering activities at Fulford and plans to continue to do some volunteer work when she graduates.

Lorna is excited to have her parents and little brother attend her graduation and looks forward to travelling in Canada with them afterwards, before returning to China to practice her English. In September she will come back to Canada to study Commerce. Lorna is not completely certain of her career path although she does have a desire to become a teacher, choosing to work with small children.

One thing is certain: Lorna’s kind personality will be enjoyed by many young learners in her future classrooms!

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Jack Li, China
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