This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Kelly Dong, China

Kelly first came to Fulford Academy in January 2018 for her 2nd semester of grade 11 then stayed on to complete grade 12, a decision she believes was very good for her. Arriving here as a shy girl, staying an extra year at Fulford allowed her to grow in confidence and experience more things to prepare her for her future.

She will always remember the teachers at Fulford who helped her a lot with her studies and university applications and who gave her so much support. Volunteer work with local charities and helping with Coding Club have been Kelly’s favourite activities.

After graduation she will spend her summer at home with her parents, relaxing and playing her favourite sport of golf, something she has not done in two years. She returns to Canada in September to study Commerce, with a long-term goal of becoming an accountant. Kelly will miss her Fulford life but leaves us with ‘more smiles and much more confidence’ than when she first arrived.

Go take on the world, Kelly, one smile at a time and know you will be missed at Fulford Academy.

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Kelly Dong, China
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