This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Ramtin Mellati, Iran

Mehmet Buyuk

Fulford Academy welcomed Ramtin in September 2018 from Iran, after he insisted on coming to Canada for his grade 12 year to get a good education to follow his dreams. Although we had only one academic year with him, Ramtin will be forever remembered at Fulford for the impact he made on our community in 10 short months.

It’s no surprise Ramtin’s best memory of school life is socializing in the Dining Hall, though he cites Mr. Ryan’s English Literature class as a close contender. He will miss Fulford Academy and his time in Brockville, where he was often seen cruising down King Street en route to the skateboard park.

After graduation, Ramtin will celebrate his achievements in Istanbul with his family, including his twin sister, before returning to Canada to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Animation at OCAD University in Toronto. A humble young man, Ramtin has kept his talents in music production from many of us and hopes to incorporate this passion in his future career endeavors. Shout-out to the grads of 2019: “be phenomenal or be forgotten”. You will not be forgotten, Ramtin and, as you go on to be phenomenal, we hope you will come visit us from The 6!

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Ramtin Mellati, Iran
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