This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Rita Zhang, China

Rita Zhang

Rita joined the Fulford family in September 2018 for her grade 12 year. She recalls being quite nervous and homesick during her first days here but soon made new friends from other countries which helped her settle in.

She adjusted very well to her school life here and loved being in the Fulford Academy learning environment where the teachers supported different ways for her to learn, study, and to test her knowledge of the subjects.  

Rita participated in many clubs at Fulford and especially enjoyed cooking, French, and math contest. This summer, she will continue practicing her English skills to prepare for university in Canada in September. Although she is undecided right now, she looks ahead to a career in either Computer Science, Chemistry, or Business. Rita hopes to one day have a pet, most likely a cat, and is excited to make even more new friends from around the world when she begins university this year.

We wish you great success in your future, Rita and may you make many new friends as you take your next steps in life!

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Rita Zhang, China
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