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Victoria Renner is a teacher at Fulford AcademyLearning about the possibilities of your future is a strong focus at Fulford Academy. Students begin to learn about career possibilities in Grade 10 and spend considerable time with our Fulford Guidance Counsellors to prepare them for their post-secondary journey and beyond.

One of our Guidance Counsellors Victoria Renner describes the guidance process for students at Fulford Academy and answers the following questions:

  1. Aligning with Fulford Academy’s mission to develop global citizens, what are ways in which the guidance department helps to nurture student’s future goals?
  2. What is an example of a student who had a goal and you helped them achieve it?
  3. What is one good habit a high school student can adopt to help them stay focused on their dreams and post-secondary education goals?

About the #myfulford series: Our teachers and staff are dedicated to our students. These are our stories about what makes Fulford Academy great.

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