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Fulford Academy offers many choices for students in our athletics department. In this video, Fulford Academy teacher and basketball coach Taylor Ryan explains how integral sports is at Fulford.

Basketball is a competitive sport offered in our Athletics Program at Fulford Academy

Questions that Taylor answers:

  1. How important is athletics at Fulford Academy?
  2. What is the athletics department do to help a student go from knowing very little about a sport to developing a passion for it while at Fulford Academy?
  3. What are the most popular sports at school?

At Fulford Academy, we offer a wide range of sports including basketball, hockey, soccer, badminton, cross country running and more. Being a part of a team sport at Fulford allows our students to grow their confidence, learn the value of working hard, and most importantly, to have fun!

About the #myfulford series: Our teachers and staff are dedicated to our students. These are our stories about what makes Fulford Academy great.

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