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Fulford Academy fundraising in November 2018

Fulford Academy students are heavily involved in the Brockville community. Brockville as a small city, has many different community projects, fundraisers and volunteering opportunities for students to get involved in. Devin Payne, our Dean of Students, finds the right opportunities for students to give back to the greater community of Brockville.

In this clip, Devin answers the following:

  1. In the past year, what are some examples of how students have completed their mandatory volunteer work?
  2. How do you help facilitate volunteer work for students in Brockville?
  3. What is the biggest need for volunteering in the Brockville area and how has a specific student (or student cohort/group) made an impact on the community?

We are committed to giving back and have a strong sense of pride in our city of Brockville.

About the #myfulford series: Our teachers and staff are dedicated to our students. These are our stories about what makes Fulford Academy great.

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