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Andas’ infectious personality will be missed at Fulford Academy. After spending three summers and his grade year 10 here, he returned to Fulford in grade 12 to graduate, to the excitement of his fellow students.

Although he enjoyed the learning part of school, he cites the Fulford dorm as the place where life happens and bonds are made through shared experiences that make students more than siblings. His sights are set on becoming a Political Analyst and creating a ‘behind the scenes’ company for a winning political party.

Making friends from around the world will be Andas’ greatest memory of Fulford Academy and he looks forward to keeping in touch with schoolmates and connecting professionally down the road. A self-acclaimed rebel, Andas enjoys speaking a lot and playing FIFA 2015 in his spare time. His solid debating skills and passion for history and politics are sure to make him a stand-out Political Science and International Relations student in September.

To the Fulford Academy Class of 2019, Andas says: Let’s do business!

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