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Jack leaves Fulford Academy with lots of great memories of his graduation year.  He believes he grew from a young teenager into an adult during his time at Fulford Academy, which began with a summer program in 2018 to graduation this June.

He came here to prepare for university and will best remember his Computer Science classes where he developed strong skills in robotics and coding, something he finds really fun and not stressful at all. Jack’s summer plans include returning home with his family and taking a trip to Japan or Northern Europe before entering university in September.

He plans to major in Computer Design/Science and pursue a career in Game Design, Digital Media, or as a Developer.  Jack’s pet rabbit, Lulu, and his cat, Cameo will be happy to see him this summer after being well cared for by his parents while he attended Fulford Academy.

Best of luck to you, Jack. We expect to see your name in the credits of the next big video game!

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