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Sheima is a local student who joined the Fulford Family in 2015, first studying ESL then completing grades 10, 11, and 12.  

Graduation day is a great celebration for her and when she leaves, her classmates and teachers will always remain very special to her. Sheima will remember everything about Fulford Academy, especially the fun times playing old-style video games with Mr. Ryan. When she first started school she was frustrated by her inability to communicate in English because she really likes to talk.

Through the ESL program, her language skills developed quickly and she is now known as a very talkative person with a fantastic sense of humour. This summer Sheima will be working and preparing to start Nursing studies at St. Lawrence College. She has a very big heart for helping others and considers a career in Nursing as her opportunity to give back to others in recognition of the people who helped her when she was sick as a young child. You might be surprised to learn that Sheima loves boxing and hopes to take up the sport one day because she believes ‘punching the bag’ is a great thing to do when you are stressed. We know you will do amazing things for our community,

Sheima, we are grateful for having you in the Fulford family for so many years!

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