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After spending her second semester of grade 11 and her full grade 12 year at Fulford Academy, Sylvia is ready to launch into the world.

She recognizes herself as a ‘big city’ girl and someone who cannot stay still for a long time! She loves to travel and wants to see the world and experience new things before settling down to a career commitment. Her various career options range from banking to fashion design and she is not settled on any firm path but does want to choose a journey that will allow her to live life to the fullest.

After graduation, Sylvia will return home to China where she will travel with friends to different provinces and also to Korea and Japan. After her summer adventures, she will return to Canada to begin her post-secondary studies. Sylvia leaves the Fulford family with great memories of Mr. Rupert and Ms. Hussey, who both impacted her life in positive and kind ways.

Best of luck to you, Sylvia, as you follow your dreams, one journey at a time!

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