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Kyle, as he is affectionately known, joined Fulford Academy for grade 12 after completing the Summer Orientation in 2018. He participated in clubs and trips but will always remember the volunteering opportunities as a highlight of his time here.

After graduation, Kyle will return to Turkey to vacation and hang out with his friends at home where he will enjoy being free from the confining hallways of high school! His sights are set on a career in Cybersecurity, beginning with entering the Computer Science department at Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary in September.

Kyle hopes to not be forgotten by his classmates as they look back over the years, noting that he plans to come back to visit in 5 years. His ‘go with the flow’ approach to work and life leaves him open to all possibilities which will surely take him down many untraveled roads.

Farewell, Kyle, and, when you make your mark in the world, your Fulford family looks forward to saying we knew you back in the day!

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