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Fulford Academy’s Pricing and Fees

Please find below a full listing of fees and tuition for our program offerings, including our day programs for local students, our boarding programs, synchronous online programs, and our dual high school diploma program for international students. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

All programs in Canadian dollars.

Local Day Student

Local day students are either Canadian citizens or have Canadian Permanent Residence status (PR status), and have English or French as their first language. Proof of local residence with a parent, grandparent or aunt/uncle must be provided.

International students whose parent(s) become legally local residents may be considered to be international day students. The Director of Admission will review these cases on an individual basis at the time of application. If approved, international day student fees would apply.

Domestic Boarding

Domestic boarding students are Canadian or have PR status, and have English or French as their first language. Applicants who have neither English nor French as their first language, but demonstrate an advanced level of English may also qualify at the discretion of the Director of Academics.

Canadian boarders must be able to use their provincial health insurance and the family will provide a legal guardian who has residence in Canada.

International Boarding

If a student is not domestic, he/ she is considered international. International students are expected to be seven-night boarders.


International Summer Programs

Dual High School Diploma

Synchronous Online Courses

Local Coding Camps