Tuition & Fees

Applying for enrollment to Fulford Academy is easy!

Please find below a full listing of fees and tuition for our program offerings, including our day programs for local students, our boarding programs, synchronous online programs, and our dual high school diploma program for international students.

Student Fees

Students are classified as either domestic students or international students.

Domestic students are either Canadian citizens or have Canadian Permanent Residence status (PR status), and have English or French as their first language. If a student is not domestic, he/she is considered an international student.


Students whose parent(s) are legally local residents are not required to be Fulford Academy Boarding students. Fulford Academy will review these cases on an individual basis at the time of application. All other students are expected to be seven day a week Boarding students.

Domestic International
Application Fee (One time)
Domestic International
Tuition Fee* (2 Semesters)
Grade 7 & 8
Tuition Fee* (2 Semesters)
Grade 9 & 10
Tuition Fee* (2 Semesters)
Grade 11 & 12

*Textbooks, workbooks, initial school supplies, school tie, and meals. (If applicable) Additional uniform cost applies: Approximately $200.

2 Semesters

**Custodian, textbooks, workbooks, medical insurance, initial school supplies, school tie, and transportation on official travel dates, meals, and accommodation. (If applicable).

Online Program
Tuition Fee (All inclusive)
Per Course
Summer Programs**
Package Fee
7 Weeks
Package Fee
4 Weeks
Package Fee
3 Weeks
Contact our Admissions Team for details

***Insurance, custodian, transportation on official travel days, meals, accommodation, FA T-shirt, school supplies.

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